Antonov Airlines AN-225 Mriya 1/400 Scale Heavy Diecast Metal Aircraft Model Airforce1 AF1-0171

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Antonov Airlines AN-225 Mriya Reg CCCP-82080 1/400 Scale Heavy Diecast Metal Aircraft Model Airforce1 AF1-0171


This model is made of diecast metal and highly detailed being a 1/400 scale. This model has provision

to remove the wheels as well. You can either display the model with the wheels or without wheels also

in stand. In terms of detailing, the model is made with high accuracy and precise extreme level

detailing. Extremely high quality product and long lasting. A great collectors item as well as

good for gifting purposes. Highly precise markings which will make you really amazed. This

is a superb model to have in your collection. Comes along with metal stand as well.



Product Details:

Airline: Antonov Airlines

Aircraft Type: AN-225 Mriya

Registration: CCCP-82080

Material: Heavy Diecast Metal

Features: Removable metal landing gear support and wheels, precise detailing and markings.

Included Accessories: Metal Display Stand Included

Additional Information:



Item Number:AF1-0171

Units Produced:NA


Model Dimensions:

Length (A)
8.26 in
Wingspan (B)
22.1 cm
8.70 in
Tail Height (C)
4.52 cm
1.77 in



  • Scale: 1:400
  • Manufacturer: Airforce1
  • Material: Heavy Diecast Metal
  • Type: AN-225 Mriya


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